Do you have what it takes to become
McGary & Associates agent?

Take this simple test and see!

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1) Are you at least 18 years of age?
   Yes | No

2) Are you familiar with the irregular hours and weekends you will be working?
    Yes | No

3) And the irregular earnings of commission sales?
   Yes | No

4) Are these acceptable to you?
   Yes | No

5) Will you devote full time or part time to a career in real estate?
   Full time | Part time | Hope to become full time

6) Which is more exciting for you about a career in real estate?
   Viewing houses | Helping people

7) In order for you to become a success, you will need to contact new leads within 1 hour.  Will you be able to do so?
   Almost always          | About 75% of the time
   About 1/2 the time    | Rarely    | Probably Never

8) Do you have a North Carolina real estate broker’s license?
Yes | No
    If Yes, what type  Provisional Broker | Broker
             and status?  
Inactive | Active
   If No, would you like to know how to become licensed?
Yes | No

9) If employed by us, are you willing to get a special key to show listings in the MLS?
    Yes | No | Already have a key

10) Do you know others who might want to join you at McGary & Associates?
   Yes | No | Maybe